For the small neighborhood practice, traditional methods have serious shortcomings:

Declining audience, no targeting and high cost.

Expensive, poor targeting and...REALLY expensive.

Really? Only billboards target rush hour commuters more effectively.

Direct Mail?
Postcards and flyers are the classic definition of “junk mail.”

Impossible to control the number of inquiries.


None are truly scalable. None allow you to tailor the response to your precise needs, much less accomplish this with no increase in cost.

Your message, your invitation is seen by a highly specific group of carefully selected recipients. Existing patients and those who don’t fit your preferred profile are excluded from contact. This precision targeting is key to efficiency and success.

Those who ARE selected receive a message that captivates. It grabs their attention and is held, passed around amongst family and read again (and again). Not just SOME of those you contact – but each and every one you contact.

The visibility and impact are at a level no traditional advertising can hope to achieve. For the small practice it’s  Prime Time – The Super Bowl  at a fraction of the cost of a simple greeting card.
We'll let the results speak for themselves. Take a simple, low cost test, enjoy the results within 30 days.


•    What is your minimum purchase, or campaign size?

There is no minimum. We have clients who choose to maintain the current size of their practice by adding a handful of new patients periodically. Others who are experiencing rapid growth (or adding new offices) may require dozens every month.

•    Control over how many new patients I see each month. How? It sounds too good to be true.

Ours is a truly scalable method. Large changes in exposure have no impact on the success rate and little impact on the cost per new patient acquired. Response is surprisingly predictable & predictable response means total control. Need to reduce new patient appointments next month? Done. Want to double the usual number the month after? Nothing to it. Complete and total control.

•    Nothing works in my area. I've tried newspaper, direct mail, radio and TV. How are you different?

Unlike most print or broadcast advertising, our methods were designed with the small practice (and small budget) in mind. Our clients simply can't continue to spend marketing dollars without seeing an immediate result. That's what you get - a virtually instant result, an accurate gauge of ROI. 

•    We've developed our practice's brand and reputation for over 20 years, why change now?

Good question. Why would you?
Our patient acquisition programs are easily tailored to fit, maintain and promote your image and brand.

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